Dorset, England is a beautiful country renowned for high quality local produce and breathtaking landscapes in all regions of the country. Located in southern England, this amazing country is unique in their efforts of conservation in the local community. Many travelers’ information sites recommend recycling whenever possible to reduce your waste and to try to eat locally produced foods during your stay. Many well-known chefs have recommended the area foods. Notable resources from Dorset include cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry as well as peas, wheat, beans, oats, kale and barley. Also notable is Purbeck marble, which is quarried in Dorset.

This historical town has always attracted many people. Eventually a railroad was created in the 1800’s and that inhibited many other people to move to Dorset making this area even more popular. Areas such as Bournemouth and Poole have been especially popular. In the late 1700’s an act that allowed for the construction of a canal linking a few of the regions was passed, but the construction was never completed.

There are many ancient sites throughout Dorset, including ancient monuments and the famous 180ft high male figured carved from chalk in the hills of Cerne Abbas. This display is thought to be an ancient symbol of fertility that continues to be a steadily visited area by tourists from all areas. Displays such as those mentioned are an example of the quirkiness of the local communities. Dorset is one of the oldest countries in England and has an old world appeal that has consistently allowed it to be a popular destination for vacation or relocation. Bournemouth seems to be one of the earliest resort towns, dating back to the late nineteenth century and has continued to be one of the most popular areas for tourists.

Many are familiar with Dorset through the work of Thomas Hardy (author) where he captured the local citizens dialect and mannerisms as well as the community he lived in. This impression of Dorset has continued to be remembered throughout the world. It is said that while writing “Persuasion” Jane Austen was a frequent visitor of this area. Dorset is home to the world’s only managed colony of Mute Swans. This unique farm raises some of the most beautiful swans one will ever see.

The Maiden Castle is the largest castle in Europe. It was taken by the Romans during occupation. Located in Dorchester, this famous castle dates back over four thousand years. This area has a deep root this religion. The churches of Dorset offer traditional architecture worth capturing images of, making this “walking tour” an affordable choice during your vacation.

This region understands that there are many citizens who have had a deep attachment to the area. The government makes it very easy for anyone to research his or her ancestor’s history with the country.

Dorset History Centre offers an exhibit including hundreds of scanned postcards photographs, and posters featuring Dorset during the early 1900’s. This creative project offers a look into the more recent history of the area, showcasing places of entertainment, history and of other various importance.

The region now considered Dorset, was settled around 8000BC giving this area an extremely rich history. The local museums highlight accomplishments of the area as well as preserving images of the region throughout its development. Located in Dorchester is Poundbury Camp, a Roman cemetery that contains over a thousand graves. This area is still well preserved for the most part. Throughout the history of this nation, there has generally been prosperity, keeping this area consistently well populated. During the Middle Ages, the coastal towns frequently suffered at the hands of French and Spanish retaliation.

Dorset boasts visitors in the range of millions each year, causing much of the local economy to switch from agricultural based business to tourist-focused industries such as resorts, bed and breakfasts, and restaurants. This region offers rental accommodations to suit all expectations including upscale resorts near the coastline, simple cottage rentals in the countryside, and bed and breakfasts all over the country.

During the 1970’s the political boundaries changed in Dorset, acquiring an area that included Bournemouth and Christchurch. The incredible growth of population can be primarily attributed to the development of the coastal towns, which continue to be the hub for urban living and resort style vacationing. A popular attraction of Dorset is the breathtaking Jurassic Coast. The Jurassic Coasts is the coastal region of Dorset where the ocean has brought about significant natural erosion that continues to be an artful display attracting many consistently. That region is also known for the fossils that can be found near the coast. Many tourists also spend time hunting for fossils as an affordable activity for all ages.

Still standing are many ancient forts and small castles, most notably the Corfe Castle, Highcliff Castle, Northe Fort and Portland castle. Some buildings even offer tours that highlight the rich history of each building. Dorset is also known for their large, amazing gardens containing rare plants and flowers and grown on many acres of land. Tours or entrance is available at some of the extravagant gardens. The commitment to respecting the land is evident is the preservation of older buildings and the use of plants in large gardens.

Currently, Dorset has a rich arts community. During the summer, visitors may come across theatrical performances outdoors, walk past art galleries or be tempted by the smell of food from the local restaurants. Food is a source of pride in Dorset. That attitude towards food has produced some unique restaurant options that take advantage of the high quality free products that are from Dorset. Dorset has many museums that cover topics such as the arts and industry.

The local railroad is wonderful option to witness some spectacular views of castle ruins. This classic transportation is a great way to witness the traditional elements that seem to be preserved in this unique region, featuring traditional countryside appeal as well as a dramatic coastline and an unmatched historical richness.