Surfing In Dorset UK

Growing up in the 60’s, I always envied those athletic, free spirits who made up the surfing scene. I also envied the fact that they lived so close to the ocean. Now, as an adult, and a “mature” adult at that, I’ve discovered that surfing in Dorset UK is just about the best fun I’ve ever had.


Age Appropriate

The breaking point for me was when I saw people of all ages surfing. I thought only young, trim, fit 20-somethings could surf! But no, there were little kids and grannies, all enjoying the waves. Sure, there were some skilled people ripping across waves way off shore, but there were more people in swimming distance, lying on boards, kneeling on them, or simply straddling them, and enjoying the water. I realized then that I was just the right age to take up a new activity, and that activity would be surfing.


What made this possible? The answer is the most basic you could imagine – instruction. Surfing schools, such as Cornwall Surf School, provide skilled, patient instruction for people of all ages. Not only do you get training on how to enjoy the water with a surf board, you are fitted with a board that will maximize your abilities. Surfing schools have analyzed the physics of interaction between the human body and surf boards, and can come up with varying lengths, weights, and thicknesses of boards to help you surf successfully.

Great Conditions

Along with great instruction, the surfing conditions around Cornwall are ideal for surfers of all skills levels. Sennen Cove, for example, has waves almost all the time, regardless of the season. You can get some really good waves, up to ten seconds at a time. Beginner surfing is also available here, as well.

Falmouth and Plymouth are also great locations, but can sometimes be crowded. The up side of this is that there is plenty of lodging available, and great cafes and restaurants abound.

If you want more rugged conditions, consider Bideford or Swansea. Much of the land in these areas is National Trust, so it is not as developed. However, you’ll have to camp out or drive in.

You can find waves that run 5 feet, consistently, at Crackington Haven and Summerleaze, and 4.5 feet at Treyarnon and Polzeath.



Cornwall Surf School and other shops all offer surfing gear for rent. You’ll want a wet suit, at the least, along with wetsuit socks and maybe a helmet. Gloves are great, too because they can keep your hands from getting chilled.

Other Water Sports

Your surfing school will probably teach other types of water sports, too, such as stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. Many of the will also allow for group bookings. This is great for your employees, if you want to do a holiday for them, or for family get togethers. There is something for everybody when it comes to surfing, and your family can have great times together.