The Best Gardens Open To The Public In Dorset

If you, like me are a big fan of gardens around the country, then what better place than the lovely county of Dorset are you going to find such wonderous areas of greenery? Dorset has many great gardens open to the public.

Kingston Maurward

Kingston Maurward estate is a beautiful landscape which features lakes, trees and very well placed flowers. The estate was inheirted in 1787 by William Moreton Pit and at the time King George was said to have visited the house on a frequent basis.  With 35 acres of formal gardens with a Grade 2 listing, Kingston Maurward is a sight to behold. The gardens were created between 1915 and 1922 and are in the style of an 18th century Victorian garden. The gardens are also home to two national flower collections, the Salvia and Penstemon.

The park has a cafe is a lovely place to have food or drink and is open Monday to Friday during term-time, you also have the House Cafe which is open to both KMC students and visitors.



Minterne house in Dorchester is a great place to visit, vouched for by the Times and the Independent who say it is one of the top gardens to go to and even described as a corner of paradise in Simon Jenkin’s book Englands 1000 best houses.

One great thing about Minterne gardens is that the parking is free and dogs are welcome as long as they are on leads! They also offer a selection of cream teas if you are interested, I personally love cream teas on a nice summers day outside. But Minterne House is actually a private residence and not really open to the public without prior warning.

If you do want to visit the gardens and see some of the beautiful garden planters UK, then they are open daily at 10am – 6pm, from Feb to Nov and admission is £5 but kids under 12 go in for free.

Sherborne Castle



Sherborne Castle is a grade 1 listed garden, this was one of Capability Brown’s first commisions and this fantastic garden with its English landscape has survived without many changes at all today. Capability Brown is an interesting character, there is an exhibition all about him inside Sherborne Castle, it takes information from the Castle archives which tells the story of the work completed.

Sherborne Castle has many exciting things to do all year round, Path and trails full of interest and colour lead through the gardens and parkland offering 30 acres of rolling landscapes, sweeping lawns that only a master landscape architect like Capability Brown could create and huge lakes.

So if you want to have a great time out and about in nature, why not have a look at some of these magnificent gardens!



4 Of The Most Interesting Accommodations In Dorset

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel


If you are looking for a really interesting place to stay, then take a look at Bournemouth’s very own Chocolate Boutique Hotel. Based in the Fashionable Soho quarter, The Chocolate Boutique Hotel will offer a warm a friendly welcome for its visitors and with its chocolate themed rooms, expect more than your normal consumption of chocolate.

Each room has a daily helping of delicious chocolate, a nice en-suite bathroom and the usual things that most hotels have. The chocolate is the main focus here! For breakfast, they make some delicious chocolate pancakes!

The Green House Hotel



If you are looking for a luxury and boutique hotel then look no further, The Green House in Bournemouth is the place for you. The Green House have the tagline that they are serious about luxury, serious about sustainability. The Green House is actually a grade II listed Victorian Villa with a lot of history behind it, some of that history being that they have worked effortlessly to become the greenest most sustainable hotel in the UK, quite an impressive feat.

From 100% wool carpets sourced and created locally, and comfortable eco beds nearly every piece has been thought about. Even the solid wooden furniture is made from felled trees from storms or tree surgeons.

So if you fancy yourself a bit of an environmentalist, this could be the place for you.


Dorset Forest Garden Glamping



Dorset Forest Garden Glamping offer a few different shepherd’s huts. They offer a kingsize bed with a nice comfy sprung mattress and feather duvet,  ensuite bathroom with a flushing poop shute. The farm site is located close to the Jurassic coast, so you should be able to have some great walks around that area.

Cooking options seem pretty limited, but if you are looking for a fun experience with Luxury Camping UK, then go on, give it a go!


Cliff Camping


If you have ever been insane enough to want to sleep on a little raft suspended 90ft above the freezing English Channel, then cliff camping sounds ideal for you. The cliff camping offers stunning views of the beautiful blue Dorset coastline. You’ll be able to experience ‘ a night on the ledge ‘ which will allow you to sleep on the ledge and enjoy a beautiful sunset with dinner on the side of a cliff face, not something many people could attest to. If you are interested, rock climbing can also be part of the experience.



Interesting History of Roman Britain

When you travel in Britain, you CAn’t fail to find out that Britain has an interesting history going back thousands of years.

Unfortunately a lot of people residing in times that are present know nothing or very little about it, so we will assist you here.

Its all about Kings and Queens, and about different individuals who helped shape the current state of affairs in Great Britain.

Britain is not a single nation but a union of 4 countries, and that’s why it is called Great, and of course it has ex- colonies and expatriates disperse throughout the globe making its present make up a blend of various communities from all over the world in the United Kingdom.

No literature of course exists for this age, but a lot of Stone Age artifacts have been found both on the point of Cornwall in the South all the way to the north of Scotland and their main heritage is Stonehenge in Wiltshire in Southern England and that is truly one of the seven wonders of England without doubt.

One other location that is obviously dominated is Avebury. In Avebury you aren’t going to find any substantial construction, as in Stonehenge, but you will discover remnants of something or a temple which was built over 2000 years ago and the reasons for it will not be yet understood.

For making houses and roads etc., after in history these form of rocks were used

Traveling to Maiden Castle in Dorset which is a great example and you will see signs of all these things there.

Between the continent and Britain – trade had began at around 150 BC. The trading used to be for finished goods like silver raw materials like tin and gold, wine, pottery and coins and even slaves.

Julius Caesar came to Britain but just succeeded in creating a temporary bridgehead. After another abortive effort the next year, the Romans left Britain well alone to get a century until the Romans came back in 43 AD in full strength.

Within a year the Romans had conquered large elements of Britain and by 60 AD controlled most of Britain south of the River Humber.

The superior military knowledge and capacity of the Romans later destroyed a revolt by the Iceni tribe in present day Anglia led by their Queen Boudica.

After that damage the Celts and they assembled a network of roads and pushed North and failed to pin down, so they assembled a massive Wall called Hadrian’s Wall in 122 AD from Newcastle to Carlisle which you can nevertheless see now on your travels.

It then abandoned in 163 AD and was began in 142 AD.

It is possible to still also begin to see the Roman mosaics with which they used to decorate their hamlets in several museums.

Roman Britain enjoyed a rather peaceful time until about 300 AD when many European barbarian hordes assaulted it as well as on the northern front in Britain by Scots and Picts.

The Romans kept pushing back their attackers from both sides and AD Emperor Constantine removed his British army entirely to defend the Roman Empire in the River Rhine frontier.


Swanage, A Great Holiday Town

Swanage – Dorset is known for being a wealthy seaside town ideal for health spa escapes. Wealthy tourists often come to the region throughout the summertime to relish the wonderful beaches there. Tourism is its primary commerce that is present, though it was once fishing and shipping.

It has exceptional marble quarries that have been utilized since the town was commanded by the Romans in the first century. The marble is really good that it had been desired country-wide for internal structures in buildings that are significant. When Romans left England, quarrying ceased for the period. It was particularly useful in re-building London after the great fire due to the large amount of damage, quarrying was also used rather widely in the middle ages.

John Mowlem helped to make the town famous in the Victorian era. He was from Swanage and moved to London to make his fortune in construction. He managed to incorporate a terrific deal of the town’s marble into his constructions in addition to using Swanage limestone, which was gaining popularity. Thus did his place of origin as he attained acclaim.

He retired and returned to his hometown and started making advancements on it. His work resulted in the town’s first pier, gas and waterworks, along with a substantial country estate which required a lot of lawn care. His attempts improved the town just in time for a railroad to link it more readily to other parts of the world. Visitors shortly came that there was easier access, also it became an excellent place for travelers.

Thankfully, the destruction the World Wars had on England didn’t reach much of Swanage. Though a couple of bombs reached the city, little structural damage was done, though twenty people died. Flood, in fact, has damage the town more compared to what the war did. This was quite normal for much of England, although the neighborhood economy has some trouble because of the war.

It’s has one of the most wonderful English beaches that is covered in white sand. It truly is well protected from your wind and from heavy waves, so it’s a wonderful location for safe and relaxing swimming. There are plenty of areas to rent water and shore gear at low cost and a lot of snack stands nearby.

The community has a pleasant, quiet series of cultural events. Live theater occurs for approximately a third of the year on town stage. Films are shown the rest of the nighttime. There’s a town band. There’s a town festival held to get a week in the summer annually, in addition to several music festivals that are little. Each one is dedicated to a different genre of music.



The Best Locations to Visit in Dorset


The natural beauty of Dorset is valued by folks from all around the globe, and every year thousands of tourists visit the county to experience the stunning shoreline and the scenic rolling countryside. What is often forgotten is that the towns and villages of Dorset are equally specific, and offer an abundance of history, architecture and exceptional character.

This article supplies a list of the greatest and most fascinating towns in the county of ten, from bustling market towns to sleepy seaside resorts.

Lyme Regis

It’s also an excellent place for foodies, with star chef Mark Hix’s Oyster House perched on the cliff overlooking Lyme Bay.


As the nearby pebbled beaches are a goldmine for prehistoric remains from millions of years past, town is especially popular with fossil enthusiasts.


Visitors to Bridport are frequently attracted by the bait of fantastic local food and drink in the town’s wonderful collection of eateries, cafes and pubs.


As it has one of the few remaining steam railways of the united kingdom Swanage boasts a genuinely special claim to fame. Visitors can experience a magical journey through six miles of beautiful scenery, passing alongside the magnificent ruins of Dorset’s Corfe Castle.


Weymouth is home to many fabulous attractions including a picturesque old harbour, a big sandy beach and a Sealife park.

West Bay

A fantastic spot to get an authentic taste of the sea, West Bay has a fantastic selection of eateries with everything from chips and traditional cod to recently caught lobster, crab, scallops and crayfish.


The Abbotsbury Swannery is the most famous attraction of the village, and every year around June and May lucky visitors really get to see the new baby cygnets. Abbotsbury can also be the home to the astounding subtropical gardens, which were recently featured on ITV’s Countrywise and to the biggest willow maze in Dorset.


Lulworth is a tiny hamlet perched next to the world famed Lulworth Cove, the crossing natural bay that is among the jewels in the crown of Dorset’s world heritage coastline. It is enormously popular in the summer months, and can get crowded at the height of the tourist season.


When most people think of Dorchester they think of Thomas Hardy – the town’s most famous son and one of Britain’s finest ever writers. Dorchester is still hugely happy with its history while today it is a bustling market town that is modern, and its many museums are a big draw for visitors.


Seaton is merely over the Dorset border. It has a beautiful pebbly shore and fantastic quaint making Seaton a real delight for visitors of all ages.


Enticing And Long-Lasting Timber Framed Buildings

9310440696_1d2a63e0d7_cThe biggest advantage of Timber Framed Buildings is that the construction is strong also and appears appealing. Businesses which deal in such building material have specialists who can make appealing layouts on wood for different types of constructions.

Wood is the most widely used stuff in commercial and residential buildings as it’s permanent, easily accessible, and also fairly priced. Conventional constructions were mostly made of wood but other substances are used by modern buildings also like cement, brick, rocks, and various construction material that was unnaturally made.

For building of Timber Framed Buildings, it’s recommended to use the services of a firm which specializes in making wooden constructions. Such firms have specialists who can work on different types of wood like teak and oak to make the layout that is necessary on the framework. Skilled carpenters used by these firms use technology and modern equipment to carve the layout that is mandatory into the wooden framework. In addition, they are alert to the precise measurements that must be used to cut on the wood so the various sections fit into each other flawlessly.

Wood may shrink. It is vital to treat it before it’s cut and carved into various layouts. This ensures the wooden parts of the framework don’t become after the construction is installed. It’s also crucial to take particular precautions when working on wood so that its shape will not get distorted as a result of wetness. Specialists are alert to modern treatments which give it glow, reinforce the wood, as well as let it breathe.

Businesses which make frameworks that are such work in collaboration with contractors and building firms. Pro carpenters discuss the demands of the framework like size and layout and execute the needed work in the business’s workshop. The carpenters fit the various parts sometimes Cedar Timber Cladding to ensure the framework matches the demands of the contractor after the woodwork for Timber Framed Buildings is finished. The framework is subsequently dismantled and transported to the construction site where other building specialists and the carpenters install it.

When making the various parts of the wooden frame, so that there’s sufficient range for the parts specialists need to be cautious about cutting the wooden components to shrink in size with time and fit in the framework. When constructing a house, school, or any other construction that is commercial, it is necessary to look for reputed woodwork businesses which use modern technology and equipment to build wooden frameworks with various layouts.

Most businesses have their web site where they give images of wooden frames made by their specialist carpenters to sample. Reviews of distinct contractors and building firms which have used wooden frameworks inside their buildings should be checked out.


Dorset, United Kingdom is Worth a Visit

Dorset mostly called Dorsetshire is a county present in The Westcountry on the English Channel seashore. It’s an area of 1,024 square miles square kilometres.

Dorset shares its boundaries with Devon to the west and Hampshire to the east, Wiltshire to the northeast and Somerset to the northwest. Nearly half of Dorset’s population resides in the Southeast Dorset city sprawl. It is a County that is largely rural with a low density of people.

Jurassic Coastline in Dorset is quite popular because it’s featured on the World Heritage Website, which shows distinct landforms including the Isle of Portland, Chesil Beach, Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. Along with these are the vacation resorts of Swanage and Poole, Bournemouth, Weymouth, Lyme Regis.

Placing of the novels of Thomas Hardy provides value to Dorset, who took arrival near Dorchester. The county has a huge background about people and some archaeology that is notable was completed, with that of the hill forts of Maiden Castle and Hod Hill.

The first recorded use of the title occurred in 940 A D as Dorseteschire, meaning the occupants of Dornuuarana or Dorchester. Individuals are considered to have settled here since 8000 B C, but most of items recovered by archeologists inform us of Fortresses constructed in the county and the Bronzeage explain about Ironage. Most of the folks used to do hunted and agriculture animals for dwelling.

Roman artifacts were discovered in Dorset, particularly in the Roman inhabited town called Dorchester. Routes of the Romans were sketched, directing from Dorchester, to the numerous miniature Roman hamlets, which are spread around the county and to the summits of the chalk ridges. The Romans existence can also be felt on the Isles of Portland, where you are able to locate defensive earthworks built or accommodated Verne Hill, on hill top.

Subsequently the Saxons arrived and created several buildings in the vales. The colonists began the procedure for building farm land in the the next couple of centuries, which triumphed up to the 19th century. Monasteries were built, which belonged with their landowners and centers of power and were significant.

Dorset constructed fortresses during the 12th century civil war or more came several defensive fortresses. Such structures were separated or vanished in the time that was passing. Dorset stayed largely rural during the Technological Revolution even now and it keeps its agricultural heritage and market. The agricultural market of Dorset and the part of a catalyst performed in the development of the trade union movements.

The property of the county is split in two groups. The lowlands are made up of mostly woods, which were cleared and several grasslands have now been formed. Many rich agricultural properties also have been created, causeing the county instead a one to its neighbours and giving rise to different farms.

His obligations are performed by Julian Davis in a manner with transport services that are British. Airport transport services can also be accessible.
Countryside History

The Magic of Dorchester, Dorset

There’s something about Dorchester, Dorset that causes it to be rather unique. Actually, you can find many reasons for Dorchester’s uniqueness! It is not only the historical background that surrounds and envelops our township with iron age forts, a Neolithic henge (later adapted by the Romans as an amphitheatre) and the recently re-furbished and nicely rendered Roman Townhouse excavated in the Northwest corner of the township.

Dorchester, or Durnovaria as the Romans named it, remains even today a city of great historic significance. Guide books, works and history books of fiction dwell on the virtues of the county town that is wonderful.

Of newer historic significance are the city’s connections with the Monmouth rebellion and the notorious Judge Jeffreys who held his “Bloody Assize” here in 1685 and ordered several of the rebels to be hanged, drawn and quartered. Why not wander in the footsteps of the Tolpuddle Martyrs who face test within 1834 and see the Old Crown Court and Cells?

Maybe it’s the shining literary pedigree? 2 of the cities’ most well-known sons are Thomas Hardy and William Barnes. Really, the writings of Thomas Hardy created Dorchester well-known under the pseudonym of Casterbridge, depicting the township as the center of his Wessex. Several narratives are adapted for film and video, the latest being “Tess of the d’Urbervilles” by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

For people who love architecture, Dorchester provides a rich tapestry of fascinating building designs and styles spanning several generations. The High Street (decorated with beautiful paving and well designed garden planters) is magnificent boasts more than 70 detailed properties – more than any road in United Kingdom. Compare these genuine period designs with the newer structures on Prince Charles’ Poundbury on the outskirts of town. This development was designed with longevity and range in your mind. Pastiche or homage? Visit and determine on your own

Dorchester is a historic market town now there’s still a profitable marketplace every Wednesday along with normal farmers’ markets.

Whether you happen to be seeing Dorset on your own, with buddies or as a household, there aren’t any less than six outstanding museums to see from your County Museum and the Keep Military Museum to the mo Re varied Dinosaur, Terra-Cotta Warriors, Teddy-Bear and highly-acclaimed Tutankhamun Exhibition.

A Dd every one of the preceding to the fantastic collection of independent and occasionally rather far-out specialist shops, recognizable high road names and a mouthwatering variety of areas to consume, drink and be amused and you can begin to recognize what makes Dorchester s O particular and why so lots of people return again and again.

There’s a warmth and friendliness about individuals of Dorchester that will make the customer sense a bit more welcome and at house in town. People only seem to have a little more hours and a larger grin to care. Why maybe not come and investigate one of the concealed jewels of Dorset, drink in the feeling, sense the buzz that is peaceful and love a small bit of our Dorchester; we are going to strive our best to allow you to feel component of our extended-family!


United Kingdom, Dorset – Looking at Holiday Rentals

The county of Dorset in southwest England is a perfect destination for an amazing family vacation in Britain.

It has a an attractive shoreline, some wonderful countryside as well as an abundance of picturesque hamlets, in addition to numerous places of interest to match all ages and preferences. It is ideal for a relaxing short-break or a 2-week vacation.

Dorset borders four other counties, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Devon and Somerset, and is readily reachable from a number of other regions of the United Kingdom, along with many UK airports and ports.

Itis a perfect place to get a Self Catering getaway, as you will find lots of properties offered to let for the length of your vacation. There’s a number of flats, bungalows and chalets through the county offered to satisfy all preferences.

Dorchester is the county town of Dorset and is an excellent spot to begin your vacation in Dorset. It is additionally a good base from which to tour the county. It’s rich in history while offering plenty to see and do. On the list of visitor sights in Dorchester are Maumbury Rings, Keep Military Museum, Roman Town-House, Tutankhamun Museum, Dinosaur Museum, Teddy-Bear Museum and the Dorset County Museum.

for those who are interested in the literary world, then you’ll most likely know that novelist and poet Thomas Hardy was born near Dorchester, in the hamlet of Higher Bockhampton. Hardy’s Cottage may be worth a visit, and you can even see his residence Max Gate, which created.

After you have found Dorchester, you’ll undoubtedly need to tour some other aspects of Dorset. It’s possible for you to head to the shore and take a look at the holiday resorts available including Weymouth, Bournemouth, Lyme Regis, Poole and Swanage, in the county.

Weymouth is an excellent family vacation destination. A huge attraction is its wonderful sandy shore! And when it is raining, there are a lot of activities to keep the family amused.

While you are in Dorset, you need to make an effort to create a visit to Bournemouth, which boasts seven miles of wonderful sandy beaches and much more besides! There is some thing for everybody in Bournemouth – whether you need culture and artwork (go to Russell-Coates Memorial & Museum), family sights (check out the incredible marine life in the Oceanarium), stores (you actually will probably have the ability to look before you drop here!), sports services, night life or just some tasty food and beverage.

Farther along the shore is Poole, which has an Quay, a superb natural harbour and a few beautiful shores. Make sure to see Sandbanks Beach when you are in your community. It is a great family beach.

The wonderful town of Christchurch can also be an excellent spot to spend a day (or mo Re!) of your vacation in Dorset. It’s rich in history and contains a wonderful 11th century Priory Church, which will be well worth a visit.

A Way from the Dorset coastline you’ll find an excellent deal of locations to go to, including Wimborne Minster, Blandford Forum, Sherborne, Ferndown, Bridport, Shaftesbury, and others. All have an extensive array of activities and sights for visitors.

Therefore in the event you are buying a destination to take the family to get a fun-filled vacation, check out Dorset and all it offers.


Dressing Up For The Dorset Weather

Ah, winter weather. Most of us enjoy the changes of seasons, but not everyone appreciates the cold, winter winds of Dorset. Maybe you like the bulky, restrictive clothing that is either too hot or not warm enough. Perhaps you can tell I grew up in warmer climes, but winter weather – well, it HURTS! The one thing that seems to be able to assuage my discomfort is warm lightweight clothing Masai Clothing Company, for example, has a lot of great pieces that are almost as comfortable as my tank tops and flip flops, but protect me from the piercing winds of winter.



One of the first things I’ve learned to do in the land of windy winter is to dress in layers. All-natural fibers in Masai clothing make it very soft and comfortable, and I can easily don 2 or 3 layers to get me through the day. My tank tops can still get some use during this time, adding a splash of color and comfort beneath my shawl. Shawls are great – they add a touch of drama while being warm, too.

Along with that is a nice jacket. This is what I’ll wear in the office, because NO ONE there will turn the thermostat up. Sometimes, I’ll layer the shawl on top of that.

Next, of course, is the winter coat. Where I grew up, we would have one winter coat, and sometimes would make it to Valentine’s Day before we wore it. Here, I find that people own several winter coats! They are actually available in different styles and colors!

You can complete your outfit with a stylish coat. That’s because it’s not just for warmth – it’s for style, too. Try an asymmetrical line for more dramatic evening wear when you go out in the storm. For daytime, a nice conservative cut will let them know you mean business in the office. Buy a red coat for the holiday season! It doesn’t have to be a neutral tan, brown or black. Have fun with winter coats! It may be the only chance you have to actually enjoy winter weather.



You can dress your torso for bad weather, but the head also gives you excellent chances to explore style and color. Scarves, hats, and hoods can add to your wardrobe and keep you warm, too. Who says you only need one pair of ear muffs? Have a different pair for each coat, or a different scarf for each jacket. This can add texture, color, and function to your headwear.


Ah, yes, boots! Don’t we have fun with boots! If your legs don’t play host very well to knee boots, try out some of the ankle boots that are hot for this winter. Some people are so lucky as to be abe to wear boots that reach the mid-thigh! Whatever height of boots you wear, don’t overlook the cool boot socks and cuffs that can dress up your look and bring a touch of whimsy.