4 Of The Most Interesting Accommodations In Dorset

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel


If you are looking for a really interesting place to stay, then take a look at Bournemouth’s very own Chocolate Boutique Hotel. Based in the Fashionable Soho quarter, The Chocolate Boutique Hotel will offer a warm a friendly welcome for its visitors and with its chocolate themed rooms, expect more than your normal consumption of chocolate.

Each room has a daily helping of delicious chocolate, a nice en-suite bathroom and the usual things that most hotels have. The chocolate is the main focus here! For breakfast, they make some delicious chocolate pancakes!

The Green House Hotel



If you are looking for a luxury and boutique hotel then look no further, The Green House in Bournemouth is the place for you. The Green House have the tagline that they are serious about luxury, serious about sustainability. The Green House is actually a grade II listed Victorian Villa with a lot of history behind it, some of that history being that they have worked effortlessly to become the greenest most sustainable hotel in the UK, quite an impressive feat.

From 100% wool carpets sourced and created locally, and comfortable eco beds nearly every piece has been thought about. Even the solid wooden furniture is made from felled trees from storms or tree surgeons.

So if you fancy yourself a bit of an environmentalist, this could be the place for you.


Dorset Forest Garden Glamping



Dorset Forest Garden Glamping offer a few different shepherd’s huts. They offer a kingsize bed with a nice comfy sprung mattress and feather duvet,  ensuite bathroom with a flushing poop shute. The farm site is located close to the Jurassic coast, so you should be able to have some great walks around that area.

Cooking options seem pretty limited, but if you are looking for a fun experience with Luxury Camping UK, then go on, give it a go!


Cliff Camping


If you have ever been insane enough to want to sleep on a little raft suspended 90ft above the freezing English Channel, then cliff camping sounds ideal for you. The cliff camping offers stunning views of the beautiful blue Dorset coastline. You’ll be able to experience ‘ a night on the ledge ‘ which will allow you to sleep on the ledge and enjoy a beautiful sunset with dinner on the side of a cliff face, not something many people could attest to. If you are interested, rock climbing can also be part of the experience.


Accommodation Countryside

The Difficulty In Buying A Rural Starter Home In The UK

Couples just starting out might often consider giving up the hopes of any kind of rural life in the UK. Starter homes – the kind with small square footage and low investment needs – are hard to come by. Some families are lucky enough to own some property that they can pass on, but mostly, there is little encouragement to first-time homebuyers to move to the country and build homes.


Quite often, local and countrywide ordinances prohibit the construction of any new homes in rural areas. This can be a real problem for farming and ranching families that want to keep the kids close to the home property.

Not only does construction of new homes need a boost, but infrastructure does, as well. School, transportation, and roads need planning and construction, yet there is no support for this kind of construction.

Some politicians are wanting to change this in the UK. With reformation of planning laws, some villages in England will be allowed to build starters. This will help to bring in young people who are just getting started in their lives and careers. George Osborne, Chancellor, is trying to reform these laws, providing more affordable living for first time home buyers.

Chancellor George Osborne speaks during the Conservative press conference with Theresa May, Home Secretary, William Hague, First Secretary of State and Leader of the House of Commons, Sajid Javid, Culture Secretary and Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities at Altitude 360, London.

Under Osborne’s plan, first time home buyers will receive a 20% discount on properties priced under £250,000 outside of London. Inside London, the discount is applicable up to £450,000.

One of the problems with the current plan is that when the government does approve a starter home in the current plan, it is as a replacement for other affordable housing. Osborne wants the rural homes to be build in addition to the affordable projects.

Osborne says that rural purchases or rentals are cost prohibitive. This drives young people to the cities, creating a burden for the cities and a handicap for smaller villages.

The government is called upon to enforce and strengthen requirements placed on developers, requiring them to build affordable homes.

Environment Secretary Truss also calls for better infrastructure for rural areas, adding internet, mobile phone service and better local government to the suggestions from Osborne. She wants, also, to review current restrictions to barn construction and renovation, which keep family owned businesses from expanding.

Of course, one of the biggest fears with this kind of loosening up of restrictions is that the bucolic English countryside may become over developed. They are afraid, too, that villages will be overrun and their quaintness ruined.

Another drawback is that it is feared that local families would be quickly outbid on such housing. The discounts will go to commuters who are looking for less expensive housing and who will ultimately return to the city. The same discounts will not apply upon resale of the properties.

Finally, the discount of 20% is still not enough for some of the poorer rural areas. This increases the likelihood of abuse of such programs, leaving local young people without the help they were expecting.


Accommodation Ideas For Staying In The UK

Anyone traveling in the UK can find just about any kind of accommodations they would like. You can have luxury, or “rough-it”, and just about anything in between. Here are some suggestions for finding the best accommodation in the UK.


There are, of course, hotels. These are usually chains that have predictable amenities, services, and pricing. Travelers often elect to stay in hotels for the convenience of knowing what they are “getting into.” Each hotel in a chain is usually under separate management, though, and while subject to the oversight of the brand name, is still run by the local manager. Here is where you get into trouble with cleanliness, bed bug infestation, and other local problems in the hotel. About the only recourse you have with problems with your hotel stay is to contact the hotel chain main office. If you manage to speak to the right person, your message may be passed on and something might be done. There are a lot of “maybes” there, but that’s the way it is with hotel chains.

Unusual Accommodations

Besides hotel chains, there are numerous private hotels and lodging facilities that offer some very ingenious entertainment opportunities. For example, have you ever stayed in a gypsy camp? What about spending your holiday in a castle? These wonderful-to-wacky accommodations can be worthy of a holiday all their own, regardless of location. You can stay in fur-lined rooms, or in a room with a leather floor and a brass tub beside your bed. Or, you can stay in a wagon, reading by candlelight. There are hotels that feature themes such as famous movies, actors, or music groups.

Bed And Breakfasts

Bed and breakfasts lodgings are often considered to be the pleasant compromise between run of the mill hotel stays and outrageous lodging. This is usually because you get the comfort and amenities of a nice hotel combined with the fact that the facilities are not usually as crowded, as in some of the strange accommodations mentioned.

You can find B&Bs that are set-up in themes, if you’re more adventurous. Many people think that B&B is equivalent to cluttered, overly-feminine Victorian lace and poufy pillows, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The B&B has come a long way, and you can find just about any kind of décor you would prefer, from country cottage to contemporary chic. In addition, most B&B owners know that travellers prefer their own en-suite bathrooms, so remodelling has been done to accommodate. Your B&B suite will often have an airflow tub and a private patio.

The privacy and seclusion of The Carew Arms and most B&Bs make them very attractive to travellers. Even the units located in urban areas usually have private gardens. And, by their very nature, the number of people in the unit at any one time is quite limited, so you don’t have the noise that accompanies hotel stays.

Keep in mind, too, that the meals are personally prepared, and often with special dietary needs considered. So give B&Bs a chance. They can provide the best of both worlds.