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The Scenic United Kingdom

Although the UK can be looked at as a small place compared to some of those larger places out there, there is still some great scenery and landscapes to be seen. Scenery in the UK can change from beautiful coastlines, to clean countryside to mountains of the lake district to ┬áthe banks and braes of Scotland the more Northerly you go. I’ve always enjoyed travelling the UK for this reason alone. Although temperature doesn’t vary more than a degree or two around the most of the UK, there should be enough difference in landscape to keep you entertained.


Whether you are coming from across the globe or even just taking a small trip from the city, there are countless places to visit if you are looking for something a little different. You can take advantage of the magnificent Devon landscapes in many different ways, whether you want to go hiking, do some watersports or even visit some of the well placed weight loss boot camps in the local area, theres nothing like working your way back to fitness in a place with such brilliant scenery.


Devon of course is just one area of outstanding natural beauty, next door to the east is dorset, which features many stunning attractions including stately homes and gardens that will easily make your jaw drop.

Tyneham village is also an area that may take your fancy, it’s like stepping into a time machine. The village was evacuated in 1943 for military training and it has been deserted ever since. You can walk around and see the remains of many buildings and houses and also take a stroll around the chuch (which still has the occasional service on a sunday)

Dorset also has some incredible beaches, Lulworth Cove (as pictured above) is most definitely worth a visit, There aren’t many places like this found in the UK.

The Lake District

If you’re really looking for something spectactular, then look no further than the lake district. If you’re into hiking and climbing, then this is certainly the place you’ll want to go. The surrounding villages are lovely, with their local pubs and eateries aswell as quaint little shops.


The lake district of course offers trips across the lakes on various different boats, depending on how fit you are, you can even row! There are several different lakes to visit, each one different, and totally worth it. getting yourself onto the various trails and other walkways is very much recommended too. So why not have a look?

The Scottish Highlands


The further north you go, the higher the land seems to get, and it certainly does when you visit the Scottish Highlands. This area has profound natural beauty aswell as a very high probability you will see some wildlife. It is not uncommon to see stags and deer and during the season you can actually hunt (if that’s your thing).

Scotland has many different things to see, there are whiskey distilleries scattered all over the highlands, famous brands that you will have heard of for sure. You can actually walk around these distilleries and see how they are made (you might even get yourself a sample!).

Food in Scotland is also rather good, you may have a pre-existing opinion on what food might be like in Scotland, but let me tell you, there are some great places to eat.

So there you are, some lovely areas to visit if you want to take a look around the United Kingdom, Of course I haven’t mentioned Ireland, but i’ll leave that for another post! So whether your holidaying in the UK or coming from abroad, enjoy yourself!

Countryside Featured

Dorset Weddings

Dorset is a beautiful place, an ideal place for a wedding some might say, well, I say it definitely is. The Dorset countryside is beautiful scenery and if your interested in having a magical time, you can even hire a
Minehead marquee and get yourself into a wonderful outdoor wedding that just embraces the countryside.


That’s the best thing to do when your in a lovely location like that, why would you want to be inside a stuffy venue when you can breathe and have the outdoor air on your side.
Weddings can be fun, weddings can be boring, why not make sure that yours is that extra special.

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Travelling Through Puddletown, Dorset

If you’ve decided to come on holiday to Dorset, they you’ll most likely be travelling the countryside via car. We all know that in a place like Dorset you’ll be travelling a lot and stopping off at some of the towns and shopping areas. If you want to have a little stroll about the town you could take a stroller and give your child some wheeling fun around the place, but i wouldn’t suggest using a baby carrier. Some of the towns may be a bit large and you’ll struggle to get around if you have to carry your child the whole way.

Puddletown is actually fairly small and travelling around with a well made baby carrier may be possible, you just don’t want to strain yourself. There are some great sights to see in Puddletown, you have the medieval Church of St Mary with it’s historic interiors and monumental brasses, and even 17th century box pews!

If churches aren’t your thing, then you could also visit The Old Manor (reffered to as Ilsington House) which is located on the east side of Puddletown. This building is quite onle and is actually listed as a Grade II Country house. The house is said to be oveer 300 years old. The house has history which you will be able to find once you enter the town.

Puddletown has a lot of things to see, it’s only a small place with a population of around 1000, but a place you don’t want to miss in Dorset.

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Dorset In A Campervan

Campervans are brilliant, I’ve always looked at buying myself a campervan, the possibilities are endless when you think about it. Not only do you have a van, but a place to eat and sleep too when your on the road! I’ve always wanted to pick one up because I feel driving holidays could be a lot of fun! It’s always fun to just hit the road and see where the wind takes you!

I’ve done a bit of travelling around europe before, I can say that it is a lot of fun, the main issue is that when your traveling in just a car, you don’t have the space that you need. It would also be great to have a fridge aswell to keep the food and milk cold.

That’s why i’ve decided to pick up a van, I’m not sure what kind yet but I think I’m going to go for a campervan conversion! This is a transporter styled van that has been converted into a camper. I could even buy the van second hand and get it converted myself to increase the value. I found a website online Autohaus VW that actually perform these conversions, they look absolubtely fantastic.

I actually scrolled through some of their screenshots and it’s exactly what I am after, The decision now is wether to buy a pre-existing conversion or go for one that I can have converted. Whichever will save me the most money!