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Dorset In A Campervan

Campervans are brilliant, I’ve always looked at buying myself a campervan, the possibilities are endless when you think about it. Not only do you have a van, but a place to eat and sleep too when your on the road! I’ve always wanted to pick one up because I feel driving holidays could be a lot of fun! It’s always fun to just hit the road and see where the wind takes you!

I’ve done a bit of travelling around europe before, I can say that it is a lot of fun, the main issue is that when your traveling in just a car, you don’t have the space that you need. It would also be great to have a fridge aswell to keep the food and milk cold.

That’s why i’ve decided to pick up a van, I’m not sure what kind yet but I think I’m going to go for a campervan conversion! This is a transporter styled van that has been converted into a camper. I could even buy the van second hand and get it converted myself to increase the value. I found a website online Autohaus VW that actually perform these conversions, they look absolubtely fantastic.

I actually scrolled through some of their screenshots and it’s exactly what I am after, The decision now is wether to buy a pre-existing conversion or go for one that I can have converted. Whichever will save me the most money!