Natural Planters A Hazard?

Beautifying a village with natural planters and other landscaping is normally seen as not only desirable, but eco-friendly as well. At least, that is what the residents of Broadstone thought when they reclaimed a spot taken over by loitering teenagers.

The site in front of an empty haulage depot, once clogged with rubbish, was cleaned up by the Broadstone Community Watch. Once they had the area cleaned up, they placed 4 rubber tyres there, with flowers and greenery, bringing a little color and freshness to the Lilyholt Road location.

In fact, judges for the Anglia In Bloom contest so admired the transformation that they awarded Broadstone with a silver award for their troubles.

However, the teens soon returned, and poured oil over the flowers killing them. The Community Watch had plans to replace the flowers, unwilling to surrender the location. That was, until the Cambridgeshire County Council received complaints about the presence of the 4 tyres. It seems that some people think the tyres present a threat to pedestrians, and others think they impede access to the highway. The County Council has ordered the Community Watch to remove the tyres.

Benwick Community Watch has collected 26 signatures on a petition in support of the natural planters, but it have received no response from the parish council.