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The Scenic United Kingdom

Although the UK can be looked at as a small place compared to some of those larger places out there, there is still some great scenery and landscapes to be seen. Scenery in the UK can change from beautiful coastlines, to clean countryside to mountains of the lake district to ┬áthe banks and braes of Scotland the more Northerly you go. I’ve always enjoyed travelling the UK for this reason alone. Although temperature doesn’t vary more than a degree or two around the most of the UK, there should be enough difference in landscape to keep you entertained.


Whether you are coming from across the globe or even just taking a small trip from the city, there are countless places to visit if you are looking for something a little different. You can take advantage of the magnificent Devon landscapes in many different ways, whether you want to go hiking, do some watersports or even visit some of the well placed weight loss boot camps in the local area, theres nothing like working your way back to fitness in a place with such brilliant scenery.


Devon of course is just one area of outstanding natural beauty, next door to the east is dorset, which features many stunning attractions including stately homes and gardens that will easily make your jaw drop.

Tyneham village is also an area that may take your fancy, it’s like stepping into a time machine. The village was evacuated in 1943 for military training and it has been deserted ever since. You can walk around and see the remains of many buildings and houses and also take a stroll around the chuch (which still has the occasional service on a sunday)

Dorset also has some incredible beaches, Lulworth Cove (as pictured above) is most definitely worth a visit, There aren’t many places like this found in the UK.

The Lake District

If you’re really looking for something spectactular, then look no further than the lake district. If you’re into hiking and climbing, then this is certainly the place you’ll want to go. The surrounding villages are lovely, with their local pubs and eateries aswell as quaint little shops.


The lake district of course offers trips across the lakes on various different boats, depending on how fit you are, you can even row! There are several different lakes to visit, each one different, and totally worth it. getting yourself onto the various trails and other walkways is very much recommended too. So why not have a look?

The Scottish Highlands


The further north you go, the higher the land seems to get, and it certainly does when you visit the Scottish Highlands. This area has profound natural beauty aswell as a very high probability you will see some wildlife. It is not uncommon to see stags and deer and during the season you can actually hunt (if that’s your thing).

Scotland has many different things to see, there are whiskey distilleries scattered all over the highlands, famous brands that you will have heard of for sure. You can actually walk around these distilleries and see how they are made (you might even get yourself a sample!).

Food in Scotland is also rather good, you may have a pre-existing opinion on what food might be like in Scotland, but let me tell you, there are some great places to eat.

So there you are, some lovely areas to visit if you want to take a look around the United Kingdom, Of course I haven’t mentioned Ireland, but i’ll leave that for another post! So whether your holidaying in the UK or coming from abroad, enjoy yourself!