The modern culture of Dorset is generally environmental conscious. This region is known for their efforts to promote conservation especially in the realm of tourism, which brings in one of the largest profit amounts across the country. Visitor information places an importance on eating local foods and reducing waste whenever possible. This region recycles about fifty percent of their waste, an impression task that shows how much they genuinely care for the local environment that has grown throughout history over hundreds of years.

Areas of Dorset have done a fantastic job of preserving the old world style living of quaint, charming cottages and marketplaces in the centre. There have been a significant number of museums constructed focusing on the accomplishments in the arts as well as industry accomplishments such as aviation. Castles still stand and ancient monuments can easily be found in this historic area.

When visiting Dorset, be sure to recycle whenever able and try to seek out establishments that align their values with those of the people of Dorset, using local products and reducing waste production. Dorset recycles about fifty percent of their waste.

Much of the employment in available in the countryside is in the agricultural industry, a profitable industry for Dorset.  Near the coastline, service jobs in the tourist areas such as hotels and restaurants, are more prevalent. With millions of visitors, consistently every year this community profits from the significant tourism.

Dorset supports the arts in many facets. There are many theatres throughout the region that present performances of many kinds including concerts, plays and musicals. Walking the streets of Dorset can lead you to art galleries and literary events. This artistically rich nation is progressive in the arts while still preserving the history of the region through exhibits and monuments. Orchestra is also popular in the arts community of Dorset.

The dedication to the arts has allowed Dorset to be featured in works of many writers and film-makers including the likes of Tom Hardy. Jane Austen is also said to have frequented Dorset during the production of “Persuasion.”

The various communities that make up Dorset host many fairs and festivals throughout the year that also highlighting local arts and community produced goods. Dorset is well known throughout the world for their high quality foods. The region puts a focus on using local goods at restaurants and markets as well as conservation whenever possible.