Since the early 1800’s, Dorset has continued to be a quickly growing nation primarily due to the more urban coastal cities that have attracted many visitors since the Victorian Era. The breathtaking sights of this region are made of natural coastal beauty as well as the untouched countryside that resembles a traditional community of cottages.

Dorset has many different kinds of available resources including cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry as well as vegetable including barley, oats, kale, wheat, beans and peas. Another popular export is Purbeck marble, which is quarried in Dorset. Dorset is also home to the world’s only managed colony of Mute Swan, a unique business indeed.

During the Middle Ages, the region of Dorset profited significantly from the production of rope, receiving contracts with local military agencies made up the majority of the production. The dedication to industry has allowed this area to grow as quickly as it has, accommodating large populations and millions of tourists every year.

The main industry of Dorset is agricultural. The produce and others food are well known for the high quality. Tourist information suggest that visitors recycling whenever possible and make a conscious decision to support businesses that use local foods and have similar values about conservation. This country takes great consideration of environmental conservation and recycles about fifty percent of all waste, an impressive amount.

Dorset brings in a significant amount of income from tourism. Therefore you can expect welcoming citizens that are used to having visitors exploring and photographing the town. With such beautiful landscapes it is hard not to take photographs. There are popular resorts near the coasts, bed and breakfasts, and unique cottage rentals for visitors. The cottage rentals are widespread and make up a large part of yearly tourist spending due to the cozy, rustic appeal of the cottages. The manufacturing industry has depleted slightly in Dorset, and the unemployment rate is average for similar regions.

As the development of tourist-focused businesses became widespread, there was a decrease in laborers in the agricultural industry. This decrease was explained by a large amount of workers switching to the newly developed service industry coming from agricultural labor positions. Tourism income is only surpassed by the agricultural industry that continues to thrive due to the renowned quality and positive response from talented, celebrity chefs.

The amazing Jurassic Coast brings many visitors annually. This natural beauty spans just over ninety miles long and is surrounded by eroded walls from the ocean’s waves, a unique and most fantastic landscape. Coastal areas feature various accommodations and many restaurant options for the high number of tourists during peak seasons. Convenient public transportation is also frequently used, including riding the bus or train, or for shorter distances, one of a series of walking trails of various distances throughout the region.