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Losing Weight In Beautiful Dorset

Dorset is a beautiful area, inspiring to the heart and mind. The bracing air, natural wonders, and reat hiking and water sports available make this a great place to recover your health. That is why a weight loss boot camp in Dorset may be just the thing you need to lose weight and get in shape.

Physical Activity

One of the major draws for boot camps in Dorset is the wide variety of outdoor activities in which you can participate. Rocks formed during the Early Jurassic era are just waiting for you to climb them, and sea cliffs make for excellent cliff diving.

There are three main rivers in this area. You can go swimming, canoeing, or kayaking to keep fit. You can also enjoy the beach, with surfing and coasteering available for the more adventurous. Exercising on the beach is a favorite for many who look for variety and invigorating surroundings when they work out.

Over 53% of Dorset is specified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Since this is a rural county, you will find plenty of open spaces.

Boot Camp in Dorset

People who run boot camps in Dorset know how to take advantage of this great area. They will often plan morning yoga and stretching out in the heather, as the sun rises. The great surroundings supply most retreats with fresh, locally grown produce. Fresh fish are in every market and every itchen as are locally grown farm animals.

When you are in Dorset to get in shape, you will find the fresh air and bucolic surroundings inspiring. You won’t even notice how hard you are working, with such beautiful surroundings.

Will Power

It takes a lot of will power to exercise and lose weight. However, if you live in Dorset, you have the whole world available to you. Start with meditation to get accustomed to the beautiful sunrises over the ocean or pastures. Just walking through the heather is invigorating, and can get your heart rate up.



If you are attending a weight loss boot camp, you’ll have meals planned for you, as well as plenty of exercise, yoga, and stretching. The workouts are usually designed to give you the maximum benefit for the tie you are there.


While the boot camp may be necessary to lose the weight in the first place, maintenance is something you can plan for. You’ll be inspired by your surroundings, and an often schedule a weekend holiday to get you back on track. You’ll end up with an improved BMI, and feel better when your blood pressure goes down.

Most of these retreats offer comfortable rooms, often bordering on luxurious. You will have access to massages and spa facilities in many retreats. Your body image will improve, and you’ll find your self confidence boosted. With frequent maintenance holidays, you will maintain the progress you gained during the boot camp. And, with a destination like Dorset for your holiday, you’ll enjoy the journey all the more.