Dorset: A Beautiful Well Kept County

The UK has one of the greatest assets for attracting people on holiday. That asset is its countryside. Besides national and city parks, there are forests, heritage coasts, lakes, woodlands, waterways, farms, fells, and many other unique and beautiful natural areas. The county of Dorset is leading the way in managing these valuable areas and the wildlife that inhabit them. As a result, Dorset is a beautiful, well kept county.

Maintenance Staff

The County of Dorset has set aside a significant portion of its budget dedicated to the preservation of nature. In fact, residents of the area who like working outdoors can usually find a job with the county maintenance division. Walking, hiking, and biking paths are routinely cleared of brush and debris, and gullies that cross roadways filled.
In addition to maintenance of walkways, the maintenance staff also keeps public facilities in good working condition. This makes the areas you visit more pleasant and sanitary, while protecting the beautiful countryside.

Landscape Maintenance

Damaged trees in forested areas are pruned as needed, and treated to prevent the spread of disease. Public areas are groomed, when required, so that people can enjoy being outside. Landscape specialists study each section of the Dorset countryside to see which native plants will thrive. This enables them to plan a planting strategy that maximizes available planting space in each area. This smart planning increases the survival rate of new plantings, reaching a 98% survival rate in many areas. Native trees, shrubs, and grasses have been reintroduced to abandoned farmland, creating a setting more akin to true English heritage.

Wildlife Management

Wildlife is monitored and maintained to reduce clashes between humans and animals. Proof of the success of this management department can be seen with the increase in the rabbit and fox populations all across Dorset. Other small animals, such as opossum, raccoon, and ferrets have returned to the countryside, as well, providing exciting animal sightings as you travel through the countryside. Deer have even made a comeback, gracing the countryside with their agility and speed.

Lawn Care Specialists

Lawn care specialists and landscapers also play a significant role in the maintenance of the County of Dorset. Anywhere there is a lawn or meadow grasses, the lawn care specialists have done their magic. They constantly test soil quality, amending the soil wherever they can to reduce die-off of lawns and grassland. Turf is crucial for conditioning soil and catching rainwater, and with proper lawn care, the soil will once more become fertile. The roots from lawn and ornamental grasses break up soil so that an entire ecosystem is created. The soil absorbs water more easily, provides a home for small rodents and insects, and eventually feeds water into underground aquifers.
A healthy lawn also keeps soil from eroding. This protects human and animal habitat equally, and keeps runoff from polluting reservoirs. Who would have thought that lawns would be that good for the ecosystem!

Other counties have seen the success of Dorset, and are now striving to successfully reclaim their public and private spaces.