Dorset, England is a historically rich region offering a beautiful and unique vacation spot for tourists. Visiting this area can be entertaining for tourists or all ages, families included. There are various accommodations to suit single travelers, couples, or larger parties. This region offers something for everyone throughout the many towns including West Dorset, Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole just to name a few.

There is always something to do in Dorset. Tourists are able to visit areas or buildings that have been featured in film and books from all over the globe. Guided tours and local history museums are just some of the things that make this area the perfect vacation spot to set your own schedule. Be sure to bring a camera while walking around the town to capture the views of breathtaking coastline and the softness of country living that you will never want to forget. Other things to do in Dorset include hunting for fossils, visiting local castles or other historical sites and enjoying the sun while visiting the many beaches. Visitors can also walk the countryside approaching small markets selling produce and goods.

When visiting Dorset, there are many types of accommodations to satisfy all sorts of needs while vacationing. Options include comfortable bed and breakfasts, cottage rentals or resort style hotels. Cottage rentals are an excellent way to enjoy what a small country neighborhood has to offer including beautiful landscapes, delicious food and so much more. For travelers looking for a more upscale accommodation, look into some of the luxurious hotels near the coastline. Dorset is home to some amazing natural erosion including that of the historical Jurassic Coast.

Dorset offers spectacular, one of a kind landscapes including areas such as the Jurassic Coast. The Jurassic Coast may be the most well known and is home to over two hundred million years of history. This amazing example of natural beauty is caused by years of considerable erosion from the ocean. Another great spot to explore is the Maiden Castle. This castle is the largest in Europe and something unique to Dorset. For those travelers seeking to explore the historical side of Dorset, make your way to Maumbury Rings in Dorchester to view a monument dated back to 25000BC.

Conservation of the local environment is an essential when visiting Dorset. The community puts a high value on reducing the amount of waste created as well as supporting local businesses that hold similar values. To be a responsible visitor of Dorset, recycle whenever possible and enjoy local foods throughout your stay.

The Dorset area has three major airports including Bournemouth Airport, Southampton Airport, and Exeter Airport. For those traveling a shorter distance, consider taking the bus or a train. Once in Dorset, there are many transportation options including the bus system, the train or the various walking trails throughout the area.  This region is very much accessible without a vehicle. Other options include a park and ride feature for more populated areas.